The Company

MUSEO – Museologia & Museografia develops projects in different areas of the museum field, in memory, science and art institutions, either public or private. It designs, produces and manages cultural projects in the fields of museum studies and visual arts.

It was established in 2006 by museologists Daniela Camargo and Mariana Santana to perform design and execution of art exhibitions. During these years, meeting growing demands in the cultural area, it has expanded the number of activities carried out. Today we operate also in the design and formatting of cultural projects, developing strategic plans, digitization of collections, conservation institutional and private collections and training in cultural management, exhibition mounting, museum education, conservation of collections, cataloging and digitization, among others.

The MUSEO develops several cultural projects and our difference is the exclusive treatment we devote to each case. We believe in the concept of “tailoring”, where the creation happens by hand and tailored with custom solutions according to project needs.

In these years of operation, partnerships were made with approximately thirty museum institutions, participated in about forty exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, and we work in the creation of three types of museums – Science and Technology, Archaeology and Territory.

We work transparently and creatively, always seeking innovation. Our challenge is to turn every project into a unique experience.